Short Take: PBS Article

The PBS article I read was about how female gamers have trumphed adolesant male gamer numbers of late. First of all they made it seem like female gamers are overtaking male gamers as a whole, when in actuality the results from their article state that they are only overtaking 18 year old males, not all men. The article also talks about how women are more likely to play app based games on their phones or computers. After doing research for my paper on how women are objectified and over sexualized in games, this does not surprise me. I would much rather play solitaire on my phone than play Red Dead Redemption where some of the plot lines and acheivements involve abusing scantily clad women. I would also rather play a game by myself rather than play an MMO where here are sexist and homophobic slurs running rampant. Not to say that all games are like this, and I would probably enjoy playing a console or computer game that involved strong female presence and a plotline with a story other than killing. They also make it sound like women only play games on their phones like “Kim Kardashian Hollywood”, when this is obviously not the case. Media surrounding gaming and women in gaming has a long way to go.


The article in question:

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