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Millennial Monsters

So I was super pumped to read this weeks reading and I was not disappointed with Anne Allison’s work at all. I loved what she wrote about and the way she wrote about it. The two topics that stuck out to me was Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Sailor Moon. Both shows are from my childhood and…

Reading Response, Anne Allison

Millennial Monsters by Anne Allison was far more enlightening about Japanese culture than I thought it was. From the title, a little bit of talking to Patrick, I assumed that it would be discussing Pokémon and similar games but it really delved into imported culture from Japan as a whole, as opposed to just mentioning…

Millennial Monsters

I’d like to start off by saying I like Digimon Tamers quite a bit, because what better metaphor for capitalism being terrible is there than “Internet Cthulhu wants all of your trading cards”?