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Paramour: On being Gay in a world of Straight games.

I’ve had a long relationship with games. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the characters in them. Of all of the space aliens I’ve banged, of all the Bioware characters I’ve courted and successfully romanced, not one of them was gay. Some were bisexual, sure. Some had gay romance options. But none of them…


I enjoyed this week’s readings quite a bit, but the thing that stuck the farthest out to me was Bogost’s discussion on kitschy art. Mostly because of how relevant the topic of box art is to games and their existences.

Millennial Monsters

I’d like to start off by saying I like Digimon Tamers quite a bit, because what better metaphor for capitalism being terrible is there than “Internet Cthulhu wants all of your trading cards”?

The Shock of the Old

Edgerton’s The Shock of the Old enlightened me to an interesting problem I’ve had when looking at history. Specifically that it isn’t sequential.

Reading Response and Tentative Topic for Final

The concept of Nationalism tied to sports really does, ultimately, prove that Sports are essentially small-scale wars. I think it also creates a question of who is “playing” the game: the players, or the people with investment who watch? The way sports/body-culture have shaped propaganda and vice versa brings to question the sorts of motivations behind…