Short Take: NPR

The NPR peice I read was about two voice over actors in the videogame industry. Honestly, I had never thought about the voices in vidoegames, I guess I imagined they were computer generated. ( which is probably the case for lower budget games) It was interesting to read how the two voice actors for two popular videogames werelike celebrities in the gaming world. This semester we read about gamers being famous for being the best and competitions held worldwide to determine who is the best player at a certain game. the topic of individuals becoming famous for their game or acting for a game is really interesting and something that I had not thought about.

The best part of the article is when McLain says that she will sometimes say her script lines to gamer guys when she passes them to blow their minds. I wonder if video game voice over actors, who are celebrities in the gaming communities are able to break into other voic acting gigs outside the gaming world because of this.Do the actors play the games they voice? Does the magic circle of the game follow them because of this?

The article:

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