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More than “a game”

Go Nation is fun and it reminds me that more books should have audiobook versions narrated by the author, especially in a work so clearly written in an author’s own voice.

Response and Image

I adored this week’s reading on weiqi, liubo, and Chinese playing cards. They were all unique in their own way but what stuck out to me was weiqi. Now I know that we are going more in-depth with weiqi next week but I have been fascinated with weiqi, I knew it as go and thought…

Professional Games and Spectating

Of particular interest to me in this week’s readings were Huizinga and Parlett’s claims that professionalized play, especially sports, tend to fall outside the definition of play. Certainly simple participation in “ball-games,” as Huizinga calls them, falls under the category of play, but does this change if the game becomes big business and one signs…