Millennial Monsters

So I was super pumped to read this weeks reading and I was not disappointed with Anne Allison’s work at all. I loved what she wrote about and the way she wrote about it. The two topics that stuck out to me was Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Sailor Moon. Both shows are from my childhood and both shows are ones I still watch today for fun. They may be cheesy but I cannot get enough from them. In a way both shows are really different and similar as Anne Allison points out. Power Ranger and Sailor Moon have a transformation and teamwork aspect to them to defeat the villains of not only the episode but of that season. They are portrayed as ordinary high school students, Power Rangers, and middle school students, Sailor Moon, who were chosen/destined to fight against evil that threatened their city/world. As Anne Allison pointed out this appealed to children because not only of the realism in Power Rangers but because they were portrayed like kids. They had flaws like kids did but it also reiterated the same statement schools and sports tried to teach us in which we need o have teamwork/work together with out classmates and teammates. It creates a collective thought process, at least to me.

Another thing about the two series is that they were geared toward different genders but both genders liked the shows. I know many of my guy friends that watched Sailor Moon when they were younger because the monsters looked cooler in it than most other American shows and the story line was easy to follow and not super girly all the time in their opinion. And with Power Rangers I loved the morphing and the action scenes as well as the campey feel of the show while my girl friends loved the two female characters and how they were portrayed strong and independent. I guess my main point of my response is that the book brought back a lot of memories of my childhood and that both Power Rangers and Sailor Moon were great shows that were similar in my opinion. The only real difference for the shows for me were the audiences that they were produced for and even that was not a big difference when I talked to my friends whom watched both shows.


On another note I’ve been slowly reading research for my essay. My topic is Socialization in Massively Multiplayer Online Games, such as League of Legends and World of Warcraft. I’ve been going through different databases but I still feel like I do not have that many sources. I found about 6, including My life as a Night Elf Priest,  but it feels lacking so far.Suggestions are welcomed.

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