Edgerton response

After reading Edgerton’s The Shock of the Old I realized that I have jumped to many conclusions regarding how people lived throughout recent history and importance of technology in those times. I never would have dreamed that the German army in World War 2 used more horses in their campaign against Russia than in World War 1 considering we always talk about how the war enhanced production techniques and hastened the development of more advanced tanks. Most of the important technological advances mentioned by Edgerton weren’t really things that I knew before I read the book and I am glad that I have gained a new perspective towards the effect of technological advancements.

One thing that confused as I was reading the book is what it has to do with games and play, and what I came up with is that since games have made advancements through the ages technologically then people might assume that new games have to include that technological advancement. But I doubt too many people have thought that since board games are still really popular and one of the most popular games on college campuses is Cards Against Humanity, a simple card game.

Regardless Edgerton’s writing makes bold statements about how people view history and technological advancements. All because something is new doesn’t mean the old is immediately out and it is important to understand that and why that happens.

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