BotRT February

The February prompt is a little weird for me to discuss. This is because I usually do not play multi or dual player games, I prefer the solo route. I do not like playing with other people. This is not because I look down on other players or get annoyed by them it is because I have gotten so use to playing alone that when I have to involve other people I do not adapt well. I tried playing Massively Multiplayer Online games (now and forever will be referred to as MMOs) but something about playing with others in a video games setting, working as a team at least, just does not ‘click,’ so to speak. In competition games, such as Super Smash Bros., I am perfectly fine with playing by myself against everyone else but when I play in teams my play level drastically downgrades. Writing about all this got me wondering if anyone else experienced this problem with video games. I say with video games because team sport or even other teams, board and card games I have no trouble with teamwork and playing with someone else on the ‘same side.’

Noting the differences between my experiences between video games and other games it makes me wonder why the differences are there. Is it because of the game play or design or is it because of the different type of socialization that happens in video games. If so does this mean that someone’s socialization skills are important in “Buddy System” games to which the effectiveness of the team is handle with being inherently extroverted in social situations? Maybe that was too far of a stretch with socialization skills. Another question I have is where games will go in the future as more MMOs and “Buddy System” games are promoted and released throughout the world. Will game really become this global sensation that people from all over the world interact with each other with clear communication or will it still be like modern times where they are just accepted but most people play within their world region?

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