BoRT post: Palette swaps

Palette swaps, not much I can say about this idea video game- wise but I can compare it to… you guessed it, soccer. My sister got a Nintendo Wii a while back for Christmas and we had a blast building our avatars for the Wii games. Sometimes we would make them look like us, sometimes we would try to make them look completely opposite. Video games are made much more fun when you get to design the protagonist, it makes it feel more real. That is about the extent of my knowledge on palette swaps console-wise. I imagine it is kind of similiar to gear and team colors in soccer. When scrimaging in practice, we have these dinky, smelly, dirty jerseys that we use to make distinctions between the ‘teams’ within the team. And hate them as we did we all came to have our favorite jersey, mine was a particularily smelly yellow one, that we had scored the most goals in or made the best plays. When scrimmaging it sucked if the coach would not let you use your ‘lucky’ jersey, to the point where it might throw you off your game.Even something like using different shin gaurds or socks to the ones you were used to or preferred would throw us off our game. Play is much more enjoyable when you’ve found gear or looks that you prefer and are used to playing with.

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