Caillois’s book is a conflicting book, in my opinion.. I find the book fascinating from an academic point.. Caillois shows how games are important to both society and humanity, which is fascinating to see the reasons for why. Like when he delves into the sociological and the mathematical. However, I just disliked how he makes games really technical. And makes it feel like anyone who participates in-game or a game like thing that they experience will feel or have to participate in his six characteristics. I just think that the reasons why people play or not, or even want to participate, is the decision the individual needs to make on their own. However, I got the feeling that Caillois views humans, the species or humanity, negatively. The reason for why we play games is to interact and not be alone. Or we are too stupid to do anything else and always like to compete to prove that we are better. Play is away to prove that we have a purpose on this earth.

But I am totally wrong about what Caillois is saying….

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