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Violet is one of my favorite pieces of interactive fiction (which shares some similarities with the adventure games discussed in this week’s Aarseth reading). Here’s the blurb: “Calm down. All you have to do is write a thousand words and everything will be fine. And you have all day, except it’s already noon.”

Week 6 To-Do

By Wednesday evening (2/18: also the eve of Spring Festival (春節), or the lunar new year! Happy lunar new year – 春節快樂!), please post a reading response for the essays. In addition (as with previous weeks), please select an image from the Art of Contest essays to discuss. I’ve posted a reading guide for the readings…

Week 4 To-Do

By Wednesday night (2/4), post a short reading response. In addition to responding to the written texts, please select at least one image to discuss briefly (we’ll talk about them more in class): pick an image you find interesting, illustrative of some historical trend, problematic, etc. The selections from The Games We Played & The Art of Contest are all image…

Week 3 To-Do/Notes on Reading Responses

By Wednesday night (1/28), post a short reading response for the Caillois. As I mentioned today, I was generally really pleased with everyone’s first efforts! But there’s always room for improvement, so I wanted to reiterate a few points to keep in mind for your weekly responses: One of the tricks or traps here (and something…