Week 2 To-Do

Write & post a short post introducing yourself to all of us (this is also a “let’s make sure everything is working properly!” test post, so no one is caught unawares on Wednesday night). If you have experience with games (digital or analog) or sports, let us know about them! Do you have a favorite piece of writing (academic or otherwise) about games or play? Tell us about it, too (provide a link if possible). This doesn’t need to be long – a brief expansion on our in-person intros will do.

By Wednesday night (1/21), post a short reading response for the readings (you do not have to discuss all of them, however, you should show broad engagement with the general themes tying these readings together). Although not required this week, if any of the images from Art of Contest appeal to you, feel free to discuss them specifically.

Has someone posted something particularly interesting? Remember that thoughtful comments on entries count towards your point total.

Image of a “TLV” mirror inscribed with a liubo board from the Freer & Sackler


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